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Our mission — protect rights and interests of all Ukrainian IT specialists

The Manifesto

Enough talking, it's time to act! It is time for IT specialists to unite and defend their rights and interests together.

For thousands of years, humans united in guilds, workshops, and trade unions. Some of those organizations are very mighty and have huge power in society. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences grants the Oscar award, the trade union «Solidarity» («Solidarność») triggered Polish liberation from communists. Opinions of Ukrainian IT associations are accounted for by deputies.

The time has come for us to create a legitimate, independent, and democratic union - The Guild of IT Specialists.

Tenets, goals, and mission of the Guild

  • Voice consolidated position of IT specialists in information space.
  • Protect rights and interests of all Ukrainian IT specialists before the state regardless of their legal status.
  • Participate in legislative processes, propose law amendments, criticize or support bills depending on the Guild's position. Cooperate with the State deputies and the State administration, participate in negotiations with the State representatives.
  • Constructively cooperate with other civic organizations, associations, clusters, and Ukrainian IT industry companies.
  • Participate in modernization and improvement of education quality, cooperate with educational institutions, civic organizations, develop education programs, etc.
  • Cooperate with media, popularize and promote positions of the Guild in Ukrainian and world media, promote authority and prestige of trade.
  • Provide juristical, media, and any other legal support to the members of the Guild in case of disputes with an employer or contractor.
  • Combat unethical practices, which may include but not be limited to non-compliance with contracts and obligations, unpaid overtime, forced work in the office during pandemics, and others.
  • Protect members of the Guild from discrimination based on race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status.

The Guild is organized following the Statute, based on direct democracy and transparency. The Guild Leadership is elected through direct voting and can be withdrawn in case of trust loss. Funding is provided by membership fees and donations, financial statements are publicly available. The activity of the Guild is conducted exclusively within current legislation.

Nobody will protect our rights except ourselves therefore the Guild must be!